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Menu Coconut-Creek

Menu Coconut-Creek

Menu Coconut-Creek

Menu Coconut-Creek

Coconut Creek Menu

1/2 Dozen Steamed or Raw Clams 'Top Necks'. 7.00
Dozen Steamed or Raw Clams 'Top Necks'. 13.50
Oysters Garlic Parm. 9.00
1/2 doz Oysters Chargrilled in a Garlic Butter Sauce Topped with
Parmesan and Baked. Best Darn Oysters Period!

1/2 Dozen or Dozen Raw Oysters. 8.00 / 13.50

Beer Oyster Shooter. 1.50
Raw Oyster, Beer, Tabasco.



Coconut Creek Menu

Soda – Free Refills 2.90
Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch.

'Fresh Brewed' Iced Tea • Sweet Tea – Free Refills 2.90

Milk • Bottled Water 2.00 • Perrier 2.75

Coffee • Hot Tea – Free Refills 2.50

IBC Bottle Root Beer 2.75

Red Bull 2.75

Coconut Creek Menu

Always Fresh and Tossed in your Favorite Tasty Sauce!


5 Wings (Snack Size) 5.99
10 Wings (Small Size) 9.99
20 Wings (Medium Size) 19.49
50 Wings (Family Size) 46.99


6 Boneless Wings (Small Order).
With Fries. 7.00
10 Boneless Wings (Large Order).
With Fries. 11.00
16 Boneless Wings (Xtra Large Order).
With Fries. 16.00

All Wings are Served with Celery & Homemade Bleu Cheese or Creamy Ranch

Extra Bleu Cheese or Celery .50¢. • Large Bleu Cheese and Celery 1.99
Add 89¢ for all Flats or all Drums, Double Dipping or Splitting Sauces.
Add Honey, Garlic or Parmesan to Any Sauce or Make Extra Wet .59¢


Buffalo Style Sauces
kids, rookies, zombies
not hot, not mild, in the middle
Mango Habanero
sweet with a bit of heat
the traditional hot wing lover's go to sauce
Cajun Hot
hot with a Cajun Dry Rub for extra zip
Extra Hot
Hotter and hotter, let's get this Hot party started!
Super Hot!
Serious Caution!!

BB Q Lineup
Smokey the Finest BBQ
a knockout combo of hickory & mesquite
Original BBQ
a blend of hickory, smoke, molasses, herbs & spices
Spicy the Original BBQ
original and Hot pair up to pucker you up
Golden Boy BBQ
sweet & tangy with a touch of Honey
Mango BBQ
mango BBQ taste so good on my lips!
Honey Sriracha BBQ
lil sweet lil spicy BBQ

Sweet Heat & Other Treats
Sweet Teriyaki
sweet & Sticky fun
Honey Mustard
classic Yummy
Salt & Vinegar
think ofyour favorite potato chips
Caribbean Jerk
a blend of island spices
Lemon Pepper
a little lemon zing is good for ya Raspberry sweet & berrylicious
PB & J
peanut sauce with a drizzle of raspberry
Creamy Thai
a lil creamy a lil Thai
Thai Curry SE Asia spice
peanuty flavors
Tropical Mango
sweet mango, fruity flavor
Ranchy Pants
Equal Parts of Ranch & Hot Sauce for a lotta goodness
Teriyaki Smackdown
Teriyaki & Hot Sauce
fight it out
Creamy Sriracha Garlic
creamy heat coming at ya
Hell Fire
Asian flavored hot
Creamy Garlic Parmesan
darn creamy garlicky good
Asian Garlic Chili
sweetest taste that can’t be beat 


Coconut Creek Menu

Classic Key Lime Pie. 4.00

NY Style Cheesecake. 5.50

Triple Fudge Layer Cake. 5.00

Brownie Klondike Sundae. 6.00

Cheese Cake